Social Ministry (Outreach)

Reaching out to a world in need.

“The mission of our social ministry team is to coordinate Bethel Lutheran church’s compassionate witness to God’s love and grace with the needs of our congregation, the local community, and the world.”

+ Below is a partial listing of our ministries of Grace as Christ’s hands and feet +

Grace Ministries broadside March 2020

REFUGEE CO-SPONSORSHIP: In conjunction with Ascentria, Grace Ministries, through both the Bethel and Zion campuses, collect furniture, health care supplies, kitchen-ware and such and help set-up an apartment to receive families and individuals seeking a safe/new start in this country. Opportunities many-times occur for us to provide ESL (English Second Language) support, rides to/from appointments and supplemental goods for the household within the first 8 months after arrival.


ELCA GOOD GIFTS: The young people of the Bethel campus Sunday School are working to raise money to purchase animals to help begin self-sustaining farm efforts within the targeted areas of the campaign.

ELCA Good Gifts Farm Project 2018

DISMAS HOUSE:  Our Bethel campus continues in support  of various Dinners on the last Friday of each month.

WORCESTER FELLOWSHIP, INC.:  WF, Inc conducts their Worship Services every Sunday at noon on the Worcester Common.   Their core membership, along with volunteers from Worcester County churches and synagogues, serve lunches before Worship each Sunday.  Volunteers from the Bethel campus participate in this effort on various Sundays throughout the year.

INTERFAITH HOSPITALITY NETWORK of GREATER WORCESTER: Grace Ministries, through both Bethel and Zion campuses, has the opportunity twice each year to staff the IHN’s home on June Street in Worcester for overnights. Our communities of faith collect gift cards and provide food for the pantry and consumable health care products. To help raise operational funding our parishes participate in a used shoe drive each year.


We wish to thank all who have continued to work hard in bringing hope to a world in need.  Announcements will be made and invitations extended to participate in these and other outreach projects in the coming year.  Please contact Pastor Andrew or members of the Bethel campus Social Ministry Team if you are aware of any need within our congregation or community.

 “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”   Matthew 25:40