080220 GRACE 9th Sunday after Pentecost Eucharistic Service A ltr



In-person worship has returned at both campuses as of Sunday, July 5th 

In-Person worship is by invitation ONLY at this time to prevent over capacity situations in our social-distance-configured sanctuaries – Church seekers, friends & members register EACH WEEK through the main office for the service of their choice:

BY TUESDAY 3 PM for Wednesday 5:30 PM Auburn or 7 PM Worcester Services

BY THURSDAY NOON for Sunday 8 AM & 10:15 AM Auburn or 8:45 AM Worcester Services 

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  1. Wanted to share the information that Martha Bergeson wife of Rev Ernest Bergeson died suddenly on March 20 2017. Rev Bergeson served at Bethel from 1961 to 1969. Her obituary is at Her funeral will be Saturday March25 at 3 pm at Faith Lutheran church in Andover Ma


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