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Grace Ministries, the yoked congregations of Bethel & Zion, are like inns for anyone looking for a place to relax. A united religious community embodying:

  • environments in which people are free to search for what faith following The Way of Jesus can mean for them today;
  • congregations that give space to ‘own’ ways of believing, stimulating uninhibited reading of bible stories, teaching working to reveal the Essence of Grace and Mercy that are God;
  • communities of the faithful that are open and affirming of all people looking for spirituality and the meaning of religion in our culture and society, providing opportunities for ways of living in service with creation through the engagement and expression of one’s talents and gifts.



Sunday & Wednesday in-person worship has returned to Bethel

50 person limit/service per Governor Baker’s 9/2 Executive Orders for Worship

-In-Person worship is by reservation ONLY at this time: call the main office for the service of your choice 508-832-3427

BY TUESDAY 3 PM for Wednesday 5:30 PM Service at our Bethel-Auburn campus

BY THURSDAY NOON for Sunday 8 AM & 10:15 AM Auburn or 8:45 AM Worcester Services


Weekly sessions over Zoom beginning the first weekend of October!

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